Stonebury Woodlanders / Home Ed Forest School

Woodcraft, wood working, hunting and exploring for natural elements, building shelters, climbing and woodland ‘sport’ are all on offer as well as a host of other natural games and activities. The interests and enthusiasms of each of the children are explored before the sessions begin so that activities can be designed to cater to everyone’s interests.

Our Home Ed Forest School group meets every Wednesday (whatever the weather) throughout the year.  Sessions are run on a drop-in basis so you don’t have to commit for coming to a whole term – though kids do get the most out of it when they attend regularly.  Each session lasts from 10:00 – 2:00 and you’re welcome to attend all or just a part of that time (as long as you PROMISE not to apologise for being ‘late’!)  Parents attend these sessions with their home educated and flexi-schooled children (as well as pre-school age children who probably won’t be going to school).  This group also welcomes those who are hoping to ease their 4 year olds into reception by having days off throughout that year.

Each session is spent divided between free play in our beautiful woodland, group activities and games as the children wish, a natural craft activity and cooking over the campfire.  With a cost of only £5 per family per session, it’s worth coming along just to get everyone out of the house – rain & shine!

the Wholanders?


HE sessions are for 2(ish) – 12(ish) year olds.  Only £5 per family.


Every Wednesday throughout the year 10:00 – 2:00.


We meet near Siston, in a secluded bit of  woodland very near Bristol with plenty of parking.


Either join us at the Woodlanders Facebook Group or get in touch by more conventional routes to get involved.