Stonebury Social Solutions

Exploring global environmental issues using practical problem solving & critical thinking skills

Based on the American models of Future Problem Solving and Action-Based Problem Solving, Stonebury Social Solutions days will given children a space to explore global environmental issues using techniques and strategies designed to help them evaluate and understand their own thinking processes. In the Future Problem Solving model, children use a 360 degree problem solving approach which encourages the use of critical thinking questions to understand why a given scenario is problematic as well as what led to it becoming a problem, how the scenario affects others and how various factors can change and influence the problem scenario.

Children are presented with a near-future scenario in which a current global issue has become a more serious problem. Presented through stories, non-fiction accounts and role play, children will first explore the topic, contributing prior knowledge as well as being presented with various points of view in order to experience the process of examining a scenario from all of its angles. Children will also have the opportunity to explore the topic through playing problem-solving type games and engaging in team-based challenges.

Having explored the problem scenario in detail, children will then turn their attention to examining all of the possible solutions to their problem. In this solution-finding stage, there is no such thing as a bad idea (in fact, bad ideas are encouraged!). And of course, brain-storming wacky and wonderful concepts leads to innovative and realistic solutions.

Children will then choose their ‘best’ idea and create a practical model or manifestation of that solution to present to their ‘audience’ (their parents) at the end of the day. This may take the shape of a hand-made model, a speech, a working invention or a dramatic presentation outlining their ideas and their proposed societal changes (or anything else they can dream up).

Stonebury Social Solutions will run for two sessions this year – 10th October and 21st November. The topics for the two events are Species Extinction (10 Oct) and Recycling and Waste Disposal (21 Nov). In 2018, a further series of 6 events is planned where diverse topics may be explored, though these will be decided upon with the children during our first two sessions. Future topics may include: access to clean water; air pollution, global warming; loss of tropical rainforests, global access to healthcare; chronic malnutrition; shanty towns and urban poverty; disaster relief; and wildfires.

If you would like to book your child onto a Stonebury Social Solutions day, please email — places are limited to 16 children aged between 5 & 11. Stonebury Social Solutions days are held at Overscourt Woods and run from 9:30 – 2:30. Stonebury Social Solutions sessions are £20 per child and children booked onto both sessions pay just £16 per session.