The Stonebury Way

To provide children with an environment which opens up opportunities to explore their interests, develop their self-awareness and learn about the world in ways that are meaningful and which trusts in their own inherent strengths and ambition to learn about their world.

To develop creativity and innovation through an approach to development which encourages questioning, observation, participation and reflection.  

To shift the emphasis in education away from outcomes and towards processes.

To support family connections and develop communication skills that allow children to feel confident in expressing their needs and in knowing that their needs will be met.

To ensure that children’s physical, emotional and spiritual health are developed through regular connection with the natural world and their local environment.

To allow children to stay children – to allow time for play – to allow curiosity – to allow emotions to dictate choices – to allow talk – to allow boredom – to remove targets and timelines – to encourage creativity and independence – to bolster self-esteem – to treat childhood as a unique stage rather than a time of preparation for academic work.

Would you like to read more?  Download our Educational Philosophy Document which goes through all of this information (and more) in detail.