Monthly Archives: February 2014

Nothing is everything

How many times has a child come home from school and, when asked ‘what did you do today?’ said, ‘nothing’?  We’ve all heard it before, haven’t we?  And it’s sort of funny, because we’ve all heard it before – but it’s sort of sad, because we wonder what they’re doing that we don’t know about.

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Mud, Glorious Mud

One of the children who was supposed to join us to play in the mud in the woods today couldn’t join us to play in the mud in the woods today – because it was muddy. And after 2 hours of falling in mud, rolling in mud, being painted with mud and squelching mud through

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A glorious first day

I’m so pleased to be working with a group of children from Marshfield Pre-School! Especially as a lot of the kids are younger siblings to my eldest son’s friends and not children that I’ve ever seen out of the shadows cast by their big brothers. Today was a getting to know the woods day –

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